Seller – Person selling the firearm

Buyer – Person purchasing the firearm

FFL/Store – Briarhawk

Cost: $35 per firearm

NOTE: The $35 transfer fee is paid
when the firearm(s) leave the store and can be paid by either party.

If the buyer fails the background check, then a background check will need to be run on the seller (no charge for background check) to receive the firearm back. At this time, the $35 transfer fee will be paid.

Download the Briarhawk
Bill of Sale. 

Note: This is the only bill of sale we will use during the process.

The Transfer Process (Effective 11/11/2022)

·       Both parties (Seller and Buyer) come into the
store together with the firearm. The firearm will be logged in the Store’s
Acquisition & Disposition Book and will be held by Briarhawk until the
transaction is complete. The buyer will fill out the 4473 for a background
check to be run. Note: A background check is required by Nevada State Law
regardless if the buyer does or does not have a valid Nevada CCW Permit.

·       At this time, both parties will leave the store
(without the firearm, it will stay locked in the store) and come back after the
background check process is complete.

·       We will run the background check for the buyer.
Due to the State’s current system, this could take up to 72 hours for us to
process the background check.

·       We will text both parties (from 702.432.9520)
upon receiving the proceed on the background check.

·       Both parties (Seller and Buyer) come back to the
store to complete the transaction. We will complete the 4473 for the buyer and
transfer the firearm to them at this point. During this transfer, we will have
the seller sign a bill of sale and 3 total copies will exist/be distributed.
One for the buyer, one for seller and one for the store records.

·       At this time, the transaction is complete and
both parties will be in compliance with the law for the State of Nevada’s Private Party transfer.