FFL Transfer

We make the FFL Transfer process easy

We wanted to clarify a few things for customers on how a FFL transfer works so that you can understand the time frame and steps involved. Our FFL transfer fee is $20 per firearm and we will make sure that your firearms gets into your hand safely and in a timely fashion.

Effective January 1st, 2020, All transfers must be picked up within 4 weeks of arrival. Any transfer picked up after 4 weeks of arrival will be subject to an additional storage fee of $10.00 per week. Firearms not picked up after 90 days will be considered abandoned and sold. Exceptions to this policy may only be granted by the Owner/General Manager. Exceptions will generally only be granted to Military personnel who are currently serving and on deployment, and must be granted before ordering the firearm and having it sent to us. Additionally, if you have more than one firearm shipped to the store, all firearms must be picked up at the same time. If a firearm is left at the store, then the $10.00 per week fee will start immediately if the additional gun(s) are not picked up.


For clarification, we will use these terms in the step by step process.

Buyer = You, the customer purchasing the firearm online
Seller = Online retailer, gun auction site, other that is listing, selling and shipping the firearm.
Briarhawk = That’s us!

The buyer finds a gun online and purchases it with their credit card or form of payment they used.
Seller will request the designated FFL to ship the firearm to and the buyer would indicate Briarhawk as the recipient. If we appear in the seller’s database, you should be able to select us, if not, provide them the following information and the The Seller will typically email requesting our Federal Firearms License (FFL)

Our email: FFL -a-t- briarhawk -d-o-t- com (intentionally formatted to prevent spammers)
Telephone: 844.4LV.GUNS
Mailing Address:
Briarhawk Firearms & Ammunition
5715 W Sahara Avenue #102
Las Vegas, NV 89146

  • Seller emails Briarhawk for a copy of our FFL and Briarhawk sends a response back with an electronic (emailed copy) of our FFL to the seller. The FFL is never sent to the buyer (customer)
  • Upon proper verification by the seller of Briarhawk’s FFL, the seller will ship the firearm(s) to Briarhawk’s retail location (5715 W Sahara Avenue #102, Las Vegas, NV 89146) along with a copy of the sales invoice (Nevada Sales Tax must be paid by the seller if it was not paid to the seller during the online transaction)
  • Firearm(s) are then received by Briarhawk and logged into our Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) book so that the chain of custody for the firearm(s) are properly recorded.
  • After the firearm(s) are logged into our A&D book, we will call the buyer (customer/you) and let them know it is ready for pickup. We kindly ask to refrain from calling the store as we can not release the firearm until it is logged properly.
  • The buyer (customer/you) comes to the store to pickup your firearm(s) from us. You will need to bring a valid form of government issued identification, form of payment for transfer fee and Nevada Sales Tax and State of Nevada Background Check Fee of $25 (If you are not a current NV CCW permit holder) and fill out a 4473 form for the completion of the transaction.


Should I order this gun from an internet site?

Other things to think about before purchasing your firearm online.

Is it really cheaper than buying from Briarhawk? Many times, the cost of the gun, the shipping, the sales tax and the transfer fee can cost more buying online than either buying it off the shelf in the store OR if we special ordered it for you from one of our many distributors.
Is the site you are visiting reputable?
Has their website been hacked?
Is my credit card information safe floating around on other websites?
There are some times we suggest a customer to buy a gun online though, because it could be an extremely hard to find firearm (new or used) and if you can get it now, we will support you in your purchase.

Ordering online is easy, but is it really the right gun for you? Are you forgetting the sales tax and transfer fee? What if the gun is a lemon, how will that online vendor handle returns?

What is the condition of this gun? How long will it take and how much to ship? Is “like new” really like new? How much was this gun used?