This is the latest challenge to our way of life. The seriousness of this virus has impacted everyone we know whether it is in health or profession. Briarhawk Firearms & Ammunition is an essential business that can help you protect yourselves in these times of need. Besides being able to help you exercise your rights to keep and bear arms, we NEED to make sure our customers stay healthy. We are working on limited hours and implementing a waiting list queue. This queue will allow customer to not congregate in front of our store and allow each person to maintain the standards of social distancing set forth by the CDC.

The process will be as follows:

A.) A Briarhawk employee will come out and take your name and telephone number and register you in the queue

B.) Please go back to your vehicle or get some fresh air with a walk around the block. DO NOT congregate in front of the store after you have been placed in the queue. If you can not adhere to this request, we will not be able to service you.

C.) You will receive a text message once you are ready to come into the store. We will come out and get you so that we can keep you, all our customers and our employees safe during these trying times.