Our instructors are available for personal one on one firearms instruction.  These two hour blocks of instruction will be geared towards the individual student, based on the needs and objectives set by the student.  Each student can register for more than one block of instruction at a time. There are times when a student is not comfortable in a group setting, or wants a more personal instructional experience. For those students, the Personal Firearms Coaching is ideal. You will have the instructor’s undivided attention. The instructor will be able to focus on your basic marksmanship skills, and provide expert guidance to improve your shooting skills that you are looking for.

Although our courses are designed for multiple students at a time, our courses and drills can be conducted on an individual basis, providing the personal coaching you may require and desire. Our instructors not only have extensive experience in training in a group setting, but also have the experience required for the one on one, individual instruction you may be looking for.

Remember, the Personal Firearms Coaching is primarily designed to instruct you in the skills you want to improve. Each session will be custom designed to your specifications to accomplish the needs and objectives that you want achieve. Your personal firearms coaching session will be custom designed by you the student with the assistance of your personal coach to better achieve those goals and objectives you have set.

The Personal Firearms Coaching is the perfect opportunity to improve your shooting skills. You are not limited to one two hour block at a time, you can add additional time to your personal session in one hour increments to coincide with your initial two hour session. Each block of time is $50 which does not include range fees, ammunition or firearms rental.

Please contact Briarhawk Firearms & Ammunition to inquire how we can provide you the firearms training you are looking for.